Can you cross the street?

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Can you cross the street?

Why I love the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods

I recently made a quick trip to New Orleans for some logistical reasons and was reminded, in just a day, of how much I love our neighborhood and why.

C had stocked the fridge for me. Which was awesome since my flight ended up getting in at 2am. (FYI, most of the car rental places close at 1am. Hertz took care of me though.)

I saw some really cute kids, and some very interesting people, at the various government offices I visited. One guy left to general applause and laughter after shouting “Fuck the DMV!”

I decided to stop into the New Orleans Public Library to get a library card and use the bathroom. It was drastically different from the Boston library I visited the week before. The floors weren’t finished, the tables were mismatched wood and the stacks were not impressive. The bathroom was clean! And they do have digital books.

I stopped in to meet CĀ and meet her puppies. She keeps our short term rental guests happy!

And then, with a day’s work done, I took a walk around the neighborhood and tried to capture why I love it. This would only be more complete with the pictures of all the people I ran into as well.

Notice the wind sock in the house that’s being repaired.

Tempted to explore buying this place near our house and fixing it up. Anybody interested?

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